Kilim rugs from Turkey

Every carpet tells a story. It represents the history of the artisans that brought it to life. Its cultural traditions representing their shared values, stories, hopes and that which makes them share a common identity.

Dating back to before the count up of the modern era, the 1st century, carpets have been used for honoring people lives at birth, providing comfort while living and honoring a person life in burials. For centuries carpets have been considered an item of prestige, beauty, and dignity which still applies today.

Turkey’s folks’ tribes have developed its own techniques in the textile craft. The Turkish tribe invented hard wearing and double knotted technique. Its popularity increased during the Ottoman Empire perfecting the craft and growing its demand from all corners of the world.

The items we selected, are certified as being handmade by a local tribe, in average more than 40 years old adding to its beauty, and a direct source of income to local communities.

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